Dan Ajun

Chief Actuary

Kin Insurance

United States of America

Daniel Ajun has worked in Florida Property Insurance for his entire career. First starting off working as a consultant at Rollins Analytics and then moving to working at an insurance carrier at Cabrillo Coastal.

While working at an insurance carrier, he balanced rate adequacy and growth, developed many automated risk management tools, discovered new rating variables, built reports, and used catastrophe models to help develop cutting edge insurance products.
As a reserving actuary, he forecast losses and set reserve estimates during the challenging time of assignment of benefits, hurricane Michael, and hurricanes Irma.

His insights into loss drivers and data eventually lead to working with other departments such as claims and underwriting, using insights from data to focus efforts on important aspects of the business as well as improving efficiency.

Given the catastrophe exposure of Florida Property Insurance, Dan has also done extensive work on reinsurance, contract examination, and hurricane risk pricing. Experience with recent hurricanes has given him insight into important processes and data elements needed to achieve market leading catastrophe claims performance.