Finspace - Previous winners

4TH EDITION - 2020

Satcom & Connectivity category:


"We are honored to be a FinSpace 2020 awardee. As the satellite communications industry migrates to software-defined communications payloads and networks, the need for sophisticated software that 'defines' what the satellite and network can and should do on a real-time basis becomes paramount. We're excited to be at the very forefront of this transformation, enabling satellite operators to dynamically and autonomously optimize service and service quality, and at the same time lower the cost per (useful) bit."

Dr. Jeffrey Freedman, PhD, Kythera's CEO








Satellite Imagery & Analytics category:

satellite vu

"SatelliteVu is honored to win such a prestigious industry award and we are looking forward to bringing our infrared insights to the Earth observation market. In the short term, we can offer customers a dedicated preview of our data collected by aircraft, and we welcome speaking to potential partners to develop applications to address global challenges such as climate change."

Anthony Baker, SatelliteVu's CEO







3RD EDITION - 2019

Satcom & Connectivity category:








Satellite Imagery & Analytics category:









2nD EDITION - 2018

Best Newcomer: 

akash systems







Best pitch:

hiber global







Most Innovative Technology: 








Entrepreneur of the year: 

Rafael Jordá Siquier, CEO of

open cosmos









1st EDITION - 2017

















oxford space systems