Thursday 9 sep.
Friday 10 sep.

13:00 > Registration

14:00 > Opening Remarks & Market Presentation

Adam Keith, Director, Earth Observation, Euroconsult

> 14:30 Prospects for civil government usage of EO data & services

With environmental monitoring at the forefront of policy objectives worldwide, numerous global and regional initiatives are looking to Earth observation data usage. Leading government agencies and service providers will discuss these topics along with other opportunities for Earth observation and debate how services can evolve within the public sector.

Moderator: Steve Bochinger, President, Euroconsult North America

Charles S. Baker, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Satellite & Info. Services, NOAA
Ernst Koenemann,
Director of Programme Development, Eumetsat
José Achache,
Director, GEO Secretariat

15:20 Coffee break hosted by

> 15:50 Satellite manufacturers: diversifying customers and changing requirements

With an increasing number of Earth observation satellites missions, opportunities are developing for manufacturers, particularly in commercial markets and with emerging government programs outside their home countries/regions. Manufacturers will discuss current innovations and how best to capture market share in this growing sector.

Moderator: Rachel Villain, Director Space & Communications, Euroconsult

Sir Martin Sweeting, Chairman, SSTL
Cary W. Ludtke, VP and General Manager Civil & Operationnal Space, Ball Aerospace
Luigi Pasquali, Deputy CEO, Thales Alenia Space
Ed Irvin, VP, International, Lockheed Martin Space Systems
Bruno Le Stradic, Director of EO & Science, Astrium Satellites
Marco Fuchs, CEO, OHB System (expected)

17:10 > Cocktail Reception

8:30 > Morning Coffee

> 9:00 Defense & security: securing access to data and optimizing usage

Demand for data for defense and security applications has expanded significantly in the last decade, and are being met by increasingly varied and capable commercial Earth observation data sources. Leading representatives of defense and security agencies will discuss future opportunities for Earth observation data usage and regulatory issues facing commercial data distribution.

Moderator: Dennis Jones, President, The Jones Consulting Group

Karyn Hayes-Ryan, Director, Commercial Imagery, Data and Programs Group, NGA
Tomaz Lovrencic, Director, EUSC
Ret Lt Col, Jerry Brooks, Director, Space ISR Innovations, Pentagon
Group Captain Ian Wood, Officer Commanding JARIC, The National Imagery Exploitation Centre, UK MoD

10:00 Coffee break hosted by

> 10:30 Leading EO satellite operators’ development strategies

While Earth observation data sales are growing strongly and have passed the $1 billion mark for the first time in 2009, competition is increasing from both private enterprises and governments looking to commercialize their data. Given the increasing number of actors, leading operators will discuss how to grow market share, expand customer base and diversify their Earth observation service offering.

Moderator: Adam Keith, Director EO, Euroconsult North America

Matt O’Connell, CEO, GeoEye
Eric Beranger, CEO, Astrium Services
John Hornsby, President, MDA GSI
Marcello Maranesi, CEO, e-GEOS
Wolfgang Biedermann, CEO, RapidEye
Mark Ashwell, VP for International Strategy, DigitalGlobe
Rani Hellerman, Director Business Developmeent & Customer Support, ImageSat International

12:00 Lunch

> 14:00 In discussion with Earth Observation Data and Services End Users

The energy sector represents a key application area for data and services in the enterprise sector whilst consumer services are emerging through the on-set of virtual-globes offering an alternative business model for Earth observation usage. Leading representatives from the energy and consumer-web application sector will discuss the benefits of EO in their products and services, how they see the use of EO evolving and what the industry needs to achieve to promote further uptake.

Moderator: Stéphane Chenard, Senior Associate Consultant,

Ed Parsons, Geospatial Technologist, Google
Jean-Paul Xavier, Remote Sensing Deputy, Total

> 14:40 Growth & challenges of EO usage in the enterprise market

With increasing data sources from numerous satellites including low-cost and free solutions, Earth observation service providers are now better positioned to provide ongoing services to enterprise customers and demonstrate a real cost-benefit. Leading representatives from vertical markets and EO service providers will discuss how best to expand services within the private sector enterprise market and the obstacles to overcome.

Moderator: Han Wensink, Chairman, Earsc

Charles Randell, President & CEO, C-Core
Marc Tondriaux, CEO, Spot Infoterra
Jesús B. Serrano, Chief Executive Officer, GMV
Jan Petter Pederson, VP Business Development, Kongsberg Satellite
Mathieu Benoit, Director, Earth Observation, ViaSat GeoTechnologies

16:00 Coffee Break

> 16:30 Emerging EO operators’ development plans

With a growing market for Earth observation data and services, new ventures are emerging and looking to develop their products and capture market share. Emerging industry actors will discuss new projects, factors influencing penetration in the Earth observation market and mechanisms to attract financing for new initiatives.

Moderator: Steve Bochinger, President, Euroconsult North America

Miguel Bello Mora, Managing Director, Deimos Space
Dave Hodgson, Managing Director, DMCii
Nicolay Sevastyanov, General Designer, Gazprom Space Systems
Murthy Remilla, Director Business Development Remote Sensing, Antrix
Jean-Jacques Favier, President, Blue Planet (E-Corce)
Don Thoma, Executive Vice President, Iridium